LAN Tracker

LAN Tracker

The CTK-LNTRK Tracker is a 3-in-1 tester that includes the functions of 1) network tester, 2) tone generator, and 3) pin-by-pin cable tester.

LAN Tracker is a portable easy-to-operate tester that combines the functions of tone generator and network activity detector that can flash network hubs, switches, and NICs port to indicate the network port.  It also performs loo-back or remote validation of network, data, voice, and coaxial cables by displaying the test result on its LED display.  The display shows pin-by-pin configuration that can move forward or backwards in both automatic and manual fashion.

Other functions include validating the integrity of a cable shielding, and it can "trace" a cable through its tone generator function and its ability to turn on network port activity on Hubs and NICs.  Its line tester tests for line polarity and detects whether an AC or DC voltage is present on the line.  The tester can also identify an inactive network speed (10/100/1000mbps).



  • Provides pin-by-pin configuration of 1-8 pin cables
  • Detects network activity and speed
  • Detects inactive network device type and speed
  • Traces cable / network port with its built-in tone generator or its ability to turn on the activity LEDs on network hubs, switches, and NICs
  • Checks line polarity and detects if AC/DC voltage is present




Main unit - 9V alkaline battery
Battery life - 60 hours (typical)


Main unit - 4.9 x 2.67 x 1.13 inch / 125mm x 68mm x 28mm
Remote unit - 5.13 x 1.28 x 1.11 inch / 130.7mm x 32.5mm x 28mm


195g / 0.43lb with battery
Shipping weight: 320g / 0.7lb

Operating Temperature

0 - 45 deg C (32 - 113 deg F)



Tone Frequency

800 HZ

Supported Cable Types

UTP, STP, 10 Base-T, Token Ring, TP-PMD, 10 Base-T/BNC, and USOC 8, 4, 2 cables.

Maximum Supported Cable Length

1,500 feet

Power Consumption

10 - 40 mA /sec

Output Voltage


Traffic Test

Network Traffic Detection



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