InternetVue 2020


InternetVue 2020 (P/N: IV-2020)

InternetVue 2020, a PC2TV Wireless Display unit, connects to TV’s component video or composite video input. It allows a computer to use its on-board or add-on IEEE802.11 b/g adapter to wirelessly stream video to the TV without any cable. With the video quality at up to 30 frames per second, the transmitted video is smooth and jitter-free with virtually no delay or distortion. Browser based internet videos and digital photos will look great on the big screen TV!

Effortless Set up and Installation:

InternetVue offers a fast and easy "out-of-box" set up and is controlled by user-friendly software which is built into the unit. When powered on, InternetVue shows up as an available wireless network connection (similar to a WiFi Hotspot" connection) on the computer’s network setting. Users simply load the installation disc in the computer. Upon user’s confirmation, the software driver is then installed to the computer. To send PC screen content wirelessly to InternetVue and the connected TV, all the user has to do is launch the installed application.

Supported Video:

  • Duplication mode (mirrors the computer’s screen)
  • Extended mode (Windows XP and 2000 only)
  • Up to 720p in Photo Mode
  • Up to 480p in Video Mode
  • Up to 30 fps frame rate in Video Mode
  • Up to 24-bit color depth
  • Up to 75Hz frequency


  • IR remote control (IV-2020-RC only)
  • 1 set of component video outputs
  • 1 composite video output (NTSC adn PAL)
  • 1 3.5mm stereo audio output
  • 1 Ethernet (RJ45) socket
  • Component Video cables, audio cable, and Ethernet cable included

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