InternetVue 2100


InternetVue 2100

Addlogix’s compact Wireless Display Adapter (P/N: IV2120) is compatible with virtually all the available TVs, projectors and video displays in the market. Compatible with wireless (IEEE 802.11 b/g) computers, the Wireless Display Adapter revolutionizes how videos are viewed.

The adapter connects to the VGA or DVI port in the display and enables a computer to stream video to the display without any cable. Instead of being restricted to the computer screen, digital video (such as browser based video clips or TV programming) can now be enjoyed on the big screen TV. When conducting business presentations, presenters are no longer limited by the cable length from the computer to the projector.

Unlike any other product in the market, InternetVue 2120 allows initial installation to be completed in just seconds. Users simply put the installation CD in the computer CD drive. Upon user confirmation, the software driver will then be installed to the computer through a wizard-guided process. To send video to the unit and the projector, the user simply launches the driver application by double clicking on the driver icon.

Sharing the adapter among users is as straight forward as the initial installation. To allow a second user to gain access to the projector, the first user clicks on the “Stop Projection” button in the application. The second user can then gain access to the projector by launching the software driver.


  • 10/100M Fast Ethernet
  • Wireless 802.11 b/g

Power Supply:

  • 5V DC jack
  • To be used with 5V/2A universal switching DC power adapter
  • 2A capability for 5V & 5VGND pin
  • Over voltage and over current protection

Display Resolutions:

  • Up to 1024 x 768 XGA graphics resolution
  • Up to 640 x 480 VGA/SD video resolution
  • Up to 30 fps frame rate
  • Up to 24bit color depth
  • Up to 75Hz frequency

DVI Interface:

  • Connect to projectors and video displays with DVI support
  • Visual signal out (Digital + Analog)
  • RS232 (reserved)
  • Hot plug detection (reserved)
  • 5V DCin (2A supported)


  • 10/100 Fast Ethernet compliant with the following standards:
  • IEEE 802.3 compliance
  • IEEE 802.3u compliance
  • Support fullDuplex operations
  • IEEE 802.3x Flow control support for fullDuplex mode

Wireless communication compliant with the following standards:

  • IEEE 802.11b 2.4GHz, 11Mbps
  • IEEE 802.11g 2.4GHz, 54 Mbps


  • DVI to VGA Adapter
  • 5V/2A DC Power Adapter with USA/European/UK type interchangeable power plugs
  • 20cm Audio Cable (miniplug to miniplug)
  • External 2.0dBi 2.4GHz SMA Antenna
  • User’s manual & software on CD-ROM
  • Printed Quick Start Up Guide

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