GreenView Press Release

Addlogix Launches GreenView™ at DCW 2011

Las Vegas, NV – March 29, 2011 -- Addlogix  today announced that it has launched GreenView™ , its brand new line of KVM switches engineered to simplify data center administration while minimizing energy costs.

GreenView™ KVMs are 1U 19" rackmountable, and are available in 4-port, 8-port and 16-port models.  GreenView™ can be daisy-chained with a maximum of 16 banks, providing control of up to 256 computers from one keyboard, mouse, and display. In addition to bi-directional PS/2 and USB input device support, and high-resolution video, Addlogix provides On-Screen Display (OSD) in five languages – English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Furthermore, GreenView™ is one of the only enterprise-grade KVMs to fully support repetitive DDC queries from multiple Windows 7 / Server 2008 systems simultaneously.

However, GreenView™ KVMs feature two patent-pending features designed to reduce data center operating costs, and increase administrator efficiency and convenience. First is the “GreenView” power management functions, and second, "Direct Hot Key switching", both Addlogix exclusives.

"GreenView was designed to maximize efficiency in the data center" says Joel T. Lardizabal, Addlogix's Director of Product Management.  "We identified the pain points of system administrators, and created functions within GreenView™ to address those issues without markedly affecting cost, performance or reliability", he added.  GreenView™ KVMs allow administrators to easily SLEEP / HIBERNATE, WAKE, or POWER UP/DOWN one or more supported computers with a single keystroke, or through admin-defined schedules.  Previously, administrators would have to set power management settings individually, or not set any at all due to complexity or inconvenience.  In addition, GreenView KVMs can be set to power down the console display after a period of inactivity, further reducing power and thermals in the data center.

Another unique feature of GreenView™ is "Direct Hot Key (DHK) switching".  DHK makes switching between ports simpler and faster by reducing the number of hot-key keystrokes, sometimes by as much as 66%.  "Direct Hot Key was invented as a direct response to admin complaints of hot-keys being too cumbersome or lengthy" said Lardizabal. The GreenView™ KVM can be set to isolate a portion of the console keyboard so as to be used only as KVM hot-keys.  Addlogix cleverly identified the num-pad area as being redundant with other keys, therefore used that portion as "direct hot-keys", commanding the KVM without the need for any additional hot-key invocation keystrokes.

"Addlogix's dedication to delivering environmentally conscious and technologically relevant solutions has come to fruition.  GreenView™ marks the beginning of such innovations from Addlogix, and many more are coming" says Sharon Charna, President of Addlogix.  "Come see GreenView™ at our booth", Charna added.  DCW 2011 attendees can visit the Addlogix booth at 828.

About Addlogix:

Addlogix was established in 1979. Formerly CompuCable Manufacturing Group, Addlogix is the first dedicated manufacturer and distributor of interface cables. In addition, it is a distributor of professional audio and video products, a provider of high quality tools and tool kits for various computer, network and data communication applications. For additional information, visit